Enthusiastic Students Rock the Intro Weekend Workshop!

Photo taken by Tia Ramos.

Intro Weekend Workshop Oct 18-20, 2014. Photo taken by Tia Ramos.

This photo was taken on the last day of the weekend workshop. Can you tell these students had a great time?  They absolutely did!

These students were such an enthusiastic group of learners.  Not only did they succeed in learning about relaxation massage, they also made new friends in the workshop and created a sense of community in class. They got a chance to visit a live Manual Skills 100 class in action (Thank you Full Time Class Lokahi for showing them how Tapotement is done ).   By watching other students in the program, this group mastered the technique – Tapotement, which is a rhythmic percussive technique.  The sound of their drumming and chopping was like a harmonious drumming session.  This group learned about the general principles of massage and how to use essential communication when giving a massage.  Each and every one of them also experienced receiving a massage all weekend!   They were also happy to discover the many job opportunities available for VCMT graduates.  You will be seeing these friendly faces this coming January 2015 for the full time and part time programs. Please make sure to say hi!

A special thanks to Cosmina Irimie, Taylor Odobas, and recent VCMT graduate, from Ohana class,  Grant Smith for assisting and sharing their journey in the program.  Their stories were insightful and heartwarming.  A special thanks to our guest speaker/and VCMT owner Levi Giesbrecht who shared his mandate and vision for the school with the learners.

If you are interested in a career in Massage Therapy, researching Massage Therapy schools or just want to learn about massage, please contact Rae Leduc and enroll in one of our upcoming weekend workshops.

The next VCMT Intro Weekend Workshop is on Feb. 21-23, 2015.   If you would like more information or to register, please contact Raeanne Leduc at rleduc@vcmt.ca

Here are the dates for upcoming weekend workshops in 2015:
  • February 21-23, 2015
  • April 11-13, 2015
  • June 20-22, 2015
  • August 8-10, 2015
  • October 17-19, 2015

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy of Utopia Academy #224-181 Keefer Place Vancouver (Skytrain stop at Stadium; across the courtyard).


$325.00 plus taxes (non-refundable $75.00 registration fee with the balance of $289.00 including taxes due on the first day of workshop).

Registration and Inquiries

Jacqueline Harris 604-681-4450 Ext. 303 or  jacq.harris@vcmt.ca, or print and complete the Registration for Massage Therapy Workshop form (PDF) and mail it with your Registration Fee (cheque or cash accepted) to the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy of Utopia Academy, 216-181 Keefer Place Vancouver, BC V6B 6C1.


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